Send marijuana to ISIS
Wednesday, December 16, 2015 by Dave Winer

I'm no expert on war or terrorism, but...

After watching last night's Republican debate, I don't think any of them know what they're talking about either.

So here's what I think we can do about "defeating ISIS."

Starve them of publicity. Stop building them up as some kind of worthy opponent. They're a fly. We're the United States of America. The last remaining superpower. They're nothing. They occupy a town in Syria and one in Iraq. We've got thousands of towns that size in the US. 

Get some good old American Internet trolls to hassle them on Twitter. That might help.

Best idea I've heard yet, drop bales of marijuana over their territory. Send them comic books and snacks, Doritos and Twinkies. More weed. Keep it coming. Rolling papers. Bob Marley music. Toots and the Maytalls. Peter Tosh

Defuse the situation.

And ISIS didn't attack us you dummies. Some young disaffected people who read up on how to be badasses did it, maybe on an ISIS blog, or maybe they even went there to learn. But ISIS isn't really a country. They aren't significant enough to be our enemy. 

  • Ken Kesey (oh, how I miss the man) was on to this back in the days of Waco: "I've seen people get in a lot of trouble with drugs, but not LSD. If they'd sprayed Waco with LSD . . . it couldn't have been worse. Bosnia -- it couldn't have been worse. When I say that to people, they laugh." Not all of us laughed; I had a book editor excise the passage from a manuscript prior to publication.