Podcast: Silos vs the Internet
Friday, December 18, 2015 by Dave Winer

Here's a 15-minute podcast about silos and the Internet.

The Internet says anyone can have a server or a website, and they can link to each other, as long as they follow the protocol. So I can have a website, and so can anyone else.

Facebook, a silo, is different. It's a very powerful communication tool. When I post my writing to Facebook it accomplishes more than if I post it to my site, it's more influential, but that comes at a cost. The fidelity of the content is not preserved, and it's not possible to use that content to bootstrap new more powerful ways of communicating. That's why the Internet is stagnating.

Key point: Mark Zuckerberg can have a Facebook, but he's the only one who gets to do that. It doesn't interoperate with other things like itself. I don't get to have a Facebook, and you don't either. Just Zuck.

And there are lots of other silos that are un-Internet-like, and as a result new kinds of linking and content that behave like the Internet, which held so much promise, have stopped coming. The web was great when it came along, but that's already over 25 years ago. 

If we want more, it has to come in the form of the Internet, not a silo, and that will be hard to do, and every day it gets harder.

That's the basic idea that I explore in this podcast. Hope you enjoy! :-)