Why Kraft parmesan cheese?
Monday, December 21, 2015 by Dave Winer

Why did I put a picture of Kraft Parmesan Cheese in the right margin of the post about 25 years of the web? Glad you asked! 

Because it's a flavorless imitation of parmesan cheese, which is supposed to add a strong accent to food. The Kraft version is harmless stuff, like sawdust that melts. It has no parmesan to it, and it probably isn't really cheese.

Why did that picture belong on the post about the wonderful smelly creation known as the world-wide web? Because of what the web has become. An imitation of what it used to be. And just because Kraft makes parmesan-flavored cheese, doesn't mean you can't still get the real thing, if you're willing to look around and go a bit out of your way.

PS: To those who wonder why I'm such a vocal opponent of the push to HTTPS, the reason should now be clear. The side-effect of this push will be to sweep aside the colorful history of the web, to make way for more monoculture. This is exactly the wrong way to go. 

PPS: This post is not an invitation to debate anything, not the merits of Kraft products or HTTPS. If you want to engage in a debate try writing a blog post on your site. Thanks. 

PPPS: Now Amazon has me "targeted" as someone who is interested in Kraft Parmesan Cheese. 

  • I completely agree that HTTPS support is so difficult for users as to be broken right now. If in a year HTTPS "just works" with the services you use (e.g. Amazon makes it a one-click-and-forget option), how will you feel then? Do arguments for it (e.g. https://https.cio.gov/everything/) hold any water for you?

    • It won't "just work" -- it's not designed that way.