Re Twitter easing the 140-char limit
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 by Dave Winer

I just sent an email to Jack Dorsey thanking him for what clearly was a leak from the top at Twitter to re/code about upping the char limit to 10K.

I did a mockup of how that feature would work, with an example tweet. I think this is what they describe in the re/code piece, and is the obvious way to transition from a product with a 140-char limit to one with a much larger limit.

This feature is good because people don't click links. It also brings Twitter to parity with Facebook, which means it can compete in the news distribution business that it pioneered. 

Facebook needs competition, and we need Facebook to have competition.

PS: How about links, styling and titles? I know give an inch they want a mile. These features are important for the future of the open web.

  • Maybe another solution to the problem of not clicking links is better embedding of texts from other sources? They currently do a good job with imaged and videos but not with text. Since scrapping text is not simple, and RSS contains the "clean text", maybe this is a good path towards embedding of texts?