Why Twitter has no choice and why it won't be so bad
Tuesday, January 5, 2016 by Dave Winer

Twitter currently leads in news among social networks.

LinkedIn is for business networks, Facebook is for friends and family, Twitter is for newsmakers and journalists.

Facebook and LinkedIn both covet Twitter's position.

Normally you'd say lotsa luck with the kind of lead Twitter has, but not so fast.

There's a problem -- Twitter can only carry messages with 140 chars. You can barely fit a headline into that space. So Twitter is at a disadvantage in the area it leads in.

It's a simple matter of erasing the limit. So that's what Twitter must do. If it wants to continue to be a competitor. 

Yes, all products in a space eventually get the features of all the other products. Most categories work that way. If Buick adds a radio, then so must Dodge and Toyota. That is unless they want to be at a disadvantage in the market.

It's 2016, not 2006. The market for social networks is maturing. The good old days are gone. Time to go with the flow. Hopefully there will be something new and fun soon. But that isn't Twitter, it's no longer new. That's the way it goes!

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