A bit of overlooked evidence in Making A Murderer
Friday, January 8, 2016 by Dave Winer

Making a Murderer was wonderful. 

I've been reading almost everything that's come by me about the story, and perhaps the best thing so far is this Vox piece, which includes some of the stuff that the prosecution says they left out. 

Spoilers follow.

But so far, everyone leaves out the call by the cop with the license plate check of the victim's car. How that happened was never explained.

Here's the problem.

They have a call from the cop back to the office doing a license plate check on what turns out to be the victim's car. But when the car is found in the junkyard, the license plates are gone.

This suggests the cops saw the car somewhere else, after the woman was murdered, and before it was discovered at the Avery yard. 

In other words the story told by the police and the prosecution is junk. It doesn't work. 

One more thing unrelated to the license plate. The kid should not be in jail. All the evidence against him was obtained by the police and his first attorney basically confessing on his behalf. Never mind for a moment what to do about the uncle, the kid doesn't belong in jail. 

PS: The license plate is discussed in this Reddit thread.

PPS: Here's a video of the testimony of the cop.