Re short blog posts
Monday, January 11, 2016 by Dave Winer

Why you should post short-length items on your blog.

  1. It's what people want. If they can read your post in a few seconds they're more likely to do so.
  2. You're probably posting your short items to Twitter and Facebook. That's wrong. Please, before you give your ideas to a silo, give them to the open web. Of course there's nothing wrong if you post to your blog and then re-post on Twitter and Facebook so more people see it. 
  3. Maybe your blogging software doesn't support short items? Don't worry, if people post more short items the software will adjust.
  4. Not everyone can read your Facebook posts!
  5. Your blog allows you to add hyperlinks, style text, add subheads, give a post a title. None of this is possible on Facebook or Twitter. 

I made a mistake when I changed the format of Scripting News. Before Twitter, I had lots of short items. Here's an example from 2006. I wrote as much as there was to say and no more. That's how blogging should work. 

PS: Dries wrote about this on Facebook, which prompted this post. 

PPS: A follow-up (short) post.