Small-town approach to NY
Friday, January 15, 2016 by Dave Winer

First, I have to say I like that Ted Cruz is reminding Republican voters that Donald Trump is from NY. I'm sure Trump fits in quite well in NYC. He's got a New York attitude toward life. I have a little story to go with that, it's not so much about New York Values, but the inverse. What happens when you take a small-town approach to getting around in NYC.

The other night I was coming home from a dinner party on the east side, midtown, and that meant I had to walk through the tourist-heavy part of the city, between Times Square in the south and Carnegie Hall in the north. I always try to avoid walking through this area, because a lot of tourists don't know how to walk properly in a city as dense as New York. Lots of near-misses, as they stroll three-across, arm-in-arm, looking at a tourist map or taking a selfie while they're walking. 

Another scene -- a group of four or five, looking at a map or a phone, discussing something, blocking the whole sidewalk on 5th Ave in front of the Cartier watch store. They left a tiny sliver of space between the group and the street, and as I headed for that space, of course, they started moving toward it too. At a conscious level I'm sure they had no idea what was going on around them, that a dozen people were trying to get around them every few seconds. You can probably get away with this in the parking lot of a Walmart in Little Rock. But it doesn't work on a busy street like Fifth Ave in NY. 

I try to imagine what this must look like to them. I totally understand if they don't like us. It's not so much that we don't like them, but they really do get in the way. 

My guess is that in his heart Mr Trump feels the same way about non-NYers.