AWS Lambda looks quite good
Monday, January 18, 2016 by Dave Winer

During the lulls in yesterday's football games I was looking at AWS Lambda, and trying to puzzle out how to get a Node.js app to run in its context. I suspect that some of what I do could be better deployed there than on EC2 instances, which I tend to use now.

It looks like an Amazon version of Heroku. And where the pricing change of Heroku made it no longer economic for me to use, Lambda seems to charge more rationally -- by the amount of computing resources you use, vs a fixed monthly cost per app you deploy.

If an app gets very little traffic but still has to be available 24-7, why should I pay the same as an app that's generating constant traffic all the time? 

Anyway, I'm now trying to do a quick project with Lambda to get a simple Hello World app in Node up. If you know of one, post a note here or send me mail. 

PS: I wrote a follow-up to this post. 

  • I've been using this project to explore AWS Lambda:

    And following this Twitter handle:

    • Thanks -- I feel, as with all AWS things at first, like I'm fumbling around in the dark, looking for the light switch. I'll give Serverless a look, and I'm now following @lambdatips in Happy Friends