I have not yet ridden a CitiBike in the snow
Sunday, January 24, 2016 by Dave Winer

Before the storm that just went through NYC, when we knew it was on the way, I boasted that I would ride a CitiBike in the snow. It feels like a CitiBike could do it. They're built like battleships. Low to the ground, heavy, thick tires. 

A bunch of people heard me say that, and asked if I had ridden the CitiBike in the snow yet. As of yesterday, no. 

And as of today, still no.

In the storm, I just couldn't do it. Too dangerous. It was hard to even walk, the drifts were so big, and the visibility so bad. I did come across one guy riding in the park during the storm, but just the one.

This morning, I walked for two hours in the park, and I seriously thought about getting a bike and riding it home, but I didn't do it for two reasons:

  1. The CitiBike station I wanted to use was completely plowed over. I might have gotten a bike at another station, but then again.
  2. Too many people were out, walking in the places bikes go. There were a few people out riding, but they were endangering not only themselves, which is acceptable, but endangering everyone else. That wasn't OK with me. 

I think perhaps tomorrow, a weekday, it will make sense. But by then I expect the streets will be more or less completely clear, so it won't be a snow-riding experience, if that's the case.

It sounded good, but like a lot of things that sound good on the drawing board, the reality of it seemed completely different.