Report on tonight's debate
Monday, January 25, 2016 by Dave Winer

I thought tonight's Democratic debate was excellent.

Sanders gave an enthusiastic pitch for his cause, but there was the hole in his argument, it depends on a miracle. But he was fairly honest about that. It was up to the people to have a revolution, not something he could do himself. I doubt it the Sanders supporters are willing to sacrifice anything to get what they want, but even if they were, you'd have to convince a lot of Republican voters to elect revolutionary Democrats in time for Sanders to accomplish the revolution he wants to have. There are so signs his supporters understand this.

I don't think Hillary is a poet, and she even alluded to that, several times quoting the Mario Cuomo line that you campaign in poetry and govern in prose. When the young Sanders supporter asked why people call her a liar, she came close to nailing it -- when you do and say things that piss powerful people off, one of the things they do is smear you personally so people won't listen to you. But some great poetry snuck in there anyway, at the end when she explained her admiration for President Lincoln, who not only kept the country from splitting apart but also built the transcontinental railroad. So she says you can have vision while fighting the inevitable battles. There's no doubt she's ready to be President tomorrow.

Hopefully this will be Martin O'Malley's last debate.