Why Trump is doing so well
Saturday, January 30, 2016 by Dave Winer

Ever noticed how our choice of President tries to fix the bug in the previous President?

We elected Carter who promised he'd never lie, after we had just been hugely betrayed by Nixon. Carter is an honest man, exceptionally so, in hindsight. But not a great President.

We elected Reagan to fix the bug with Carter. Reagan promised to make us feel good about ourselves after Carter talked about our "national malaise." No President since has tried that one. Not a good idea. 

Then Bush was milquetoast to Reagan's charisma. We had had enough of charm. Time for a guy whose mind while basically sound (imho) was at war with the English language. 

Clinton was charisma because we were bored with Bush and because we didn't really want Perot.

And on and on.

Obama? We desperately needed hope after Bush II destroyed the economy. I laugh when the Repubs talk about the "disaster that is Obama." I guess they expect us to have short memories. And we do, collectively, have very short memories.

Now here's why certain people like Trump. 

To them Obama is a disaster simply because of the color of his skin. They like to say they're not racists, but deep inside there's a feeling something is wrong here. We need to get America "back on track." Which means a Strong White Male in charge. And Trump plays the role of a strong confident White Male to a T. 

That's my theory for why Trump is doing well.