Podcast: The HTTPS mystery
Monday, February 1, 2016 by Dave Winer

Here's a ten-minute podcast summarizing where we're at with Google and Mozilla and HTTPS. 

I don't plan to write any more about this. I've already much more than I had to. Really it's time for one of our fine tech publications to pick up this story. 

How about Ars Technica or Quartz or The Intercept, or any pub that cares about the continued existence of the open web. 

How about Planet Money? This would be right up their alley. Is it worth burning the history of the web for what we're getting in return, which btw, isn't clear. 

Maybe Vox could do one of their great explainers?

Google is aiming to plow under all that we've built that isn't being maintained. This might be okay if it was their private platform, but this is the web. It doesn't belong to them. 

Come on journalists, this is your job. 

I have to write software, keep my servers running and try to have a life.