Tech is already too big to fail
Friday, February 5, 2016 by Dave Winer

In last night's debate, when HRC said there's more than one street, referring to Wall St, she was challenged. She had rattled off a list other industries that had misbehaved. But she left one out, and when we look back at this election in the future, the omission, imho, will be glaring. 

Neither of them mentioned the excesses of tech. They've enjoyed and taken advantage of an undeserved halo, and they use that to do things other industries, including the financial industry, only dream of.

The unchallenged power of tech. The press is oblivious. Politicians are mystified. The priesthood is firmly in control. That's going to get us in trouble in the future, probably in a much bigger way than the banks got us in trouble in 2008. 

We should worry about our next President being in the pocket of tech just as much if not more than we worry about them being in the pocket of banks. 

Too big to fail? Facebook has 1.5 billion active users. Think about the kind of trouble they can get us into with that power. 

You know what they say about fighting the last war? ;-)