American politics just changed, media and money in crisis
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 by Dave Winer

A few takeaways from tonight's election in New Hampshire. American politics has changed. This is a turning point, a showdown.  Media and money have to rethink their roles. Neither will change easily. 

For news people -- is it fair/wise to hold one candidate to a standard that doesn't apply to all? Trump blew away the role of journalism as a gatekeeper, by going direct with Twitter, and holding big photogenic rallies. I predicted that money would not be the determining factor in politics, people laughed, said it'll never happen. Now we're there. Neither of the leading candidates have taken contributions from the established sources of political money.

So money and media are shaken-up. Do you expect them to go down without a fight? And if you were them how would you fight back? 

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Koch Brothers offices tonight. What do they have planned for Trump. And which of the remaining candidates will get the call? Or maybe they're calling Trump, quietly, to see if they can do a deal.

And which of the Democrats "establishment" will get off the fence, and will their endorsements help or hurt HRC? You can be sure that Steinem and Albright won't be campaigning for her in the future. 

This, media and money in crisis, tonight, is the horse race that matters.