Clinton takes Obama hostage
Friday, February 12, 2016 by Dave Winer

This is the best post I've read on last night's most interesting debate ever.

If the question on the table is whose financial regulatory legislation program should be submitted to be dead on arrival in Congress, then the tie goes to Clinton.

I realized this too, while the debate was happening, and laughed out loud. Look what she's forcing him to do. The truth is that yes, Obama took the money and that's why Dodd-Frank is so impotent. But most Democrats think Obama is great. So he can't attack him. Glad Yglesias said this, I didn't have the guts to write this post. And none of the talking heads on the networks will either.

It seems that the experience as chief diplomat for the US taught HRC how to screw someone with their pants on.

Also, the standard Sanders schpiel is taken straight from the Democratic platform for the last four elections. I know, I sat through countless speeches at the 2004 and 2008 DNCs where they harped about the 1% and income equality. Sanders isn't any better or worse at reciting the pitch. Basically it's the standard campaign for all Democrats for the last decade and a half.