Yes, I have heard of Google
Monday, February 15, 2016 by Dave Winer

Note to all my friends: I would never ask for help unless I had exhausted all other options, including searching on Google. :-)

It's amazing how many people answer a simple clearly stated programming question with the results of a Google search. I wonder why they bother? Do they think other people (including yours truly) have not learned about the magic of search engines?

Only slightly sarcastic. 

This great communication tool we created is falling apart because no one pays attention to anything these days. 

You want to know how bad it gets? This..

On Facebook, in a partisan political "debate," drive-by trollers repeat insults that were posted literally two messages above them in the thread! Now that's some efficient mindless trolling. ;-)


I heard from one of the people who gave me an answer that ignored the question I asked. He didn't like this post. Well this is a real blog, and a real person works here, not a TV character. When I get an answer, I share the result, in the form of clean tested sample code that's documented. That's what I love to find. 

Now, when I ask a question like the one I asked, it's not just for me that I ask it. I found a missing piece of example code. If anyone else wants to make a client call from a server using WebSockets (and not some other protocol) there will now be that code, assuming this problem is ever solved (not looking good at the moment).

So instead of having your feelings hurt, why don't you dive in, and figure the problem out and help. You're not just helping me (as stated above, because I know you're probably skimming) you're helping the web and other programmers. 

Thanks for listening. (If you actually did.)