Video of River4 running in Electron
Monday, February 15, 2016 by Dave Winer

I did a video demo of some software I've been working on, not released yet, for my friend Chuck Shotton. It was over 300MB. So then the question was what to do with it. 

There was nothing especially confidential in the video, so I uploaded it to YouTube, but as usual for software demos, YouTube's resolution is way too low. I'm not enough of a video expert to know how to fix that. I tried uploading it to Facebook, maybe they'd do a better job? They did. Much nicer.

About the demo. I did some work late last year to embed River4 in an Electron shell. In the process I fell in love with Electron. It's very rational technology. Node and Chrome baked into a desktop environment, with access to all local resources. 

In the end I wasn't sure I had come up with something that was easier, so instead I focused on simplifying the engine, and the result was River5. I may at sometime swing back around to this project, or use the Electron knowledge I've gained in something else. 

Anyway if you watch the video, hope you find it interesting. ;-)