Better call Scoble!
Tuesday, February 16, 2016 by Dave Winer

A little bird flew by yesterday and dropped an envelope on my desk. I opened it. The message, written in bird scrawl simply said:

So I went there and was surprised to see that Scoble is returning to the blogosphere in April. Hey that's good news, on the order of a new season of Better Call Saul, which also started yesterday.

Of course I subscribed to his RSS feed in the River tab on Scripting News. So when he updates, links to his posts will show up there.

These days I think of the blogosphere as a balloon. For a long time it was deflating. But now there's some new hot air coming in and maybe we'll reach critical mass once again!

Glad to see my old friend coming home. ;-)

  • My first thought was that he is going to "demo" your new "blogging" tool/platform. IMHO a great PR stunt by the two of you.

    • April 1st has some history for you, too.