No more Wash Post for Davey
Thursday, February 18, 2016 by Dave Winer

Last week I wrote about an EZ-Pass for online news sites. Now I have hit my monthly max for two pubs: the Washington Post and Boston Globe. So until March I won't be able to read or link to any of their stories.

Shame. I just clicked on a link to a Washington Post story that said that one of the Koch brothers said Bernie Sanders is right about one thing. What that thing was will remain a mystery for me, sadly.

PS: I probably should go ahead and turn off the Wash Post river too. Not much point having it if I can't click on the links. Sad day. 

PPS: The Guardian does not have a limit on the number of articles I can read. It's also a very good source of news, and I have a river for it as well. 

PPPS: I cheated, I opened the story in another browser. Heh. It's a really good piece, an op-ed written by Charles Koch himself. I think Sanders should debate Koch. That would be really interesting. Koch mentions that it seems to him that Sanders is running against Koch. Very true. It's good that he's willing to de-cloak, even if it's in a place where very few voters will likely see it, or even know who he is and what role he plays in the political process in the US.