Facebook and the open web
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 by Dave Winer

Facebook keeps winning at the expense of the open web, but that's now about to change. Here's a case study that illustrates. 

This guy is a professional reporter.

His best stuff is on Facebook, he writes there off the top of his head. A thought occurs to him and he writes it. He's smart, so it's good. And it's raw and human and compelling, in a way that his news articles are not. He takes a long time to get to the point there, probably the economics makes it work that way.

I say to him every so often, I wish you'd post that on your blog so I can point to it on my blog, and link to it on Twitter. He says I know I know, but when I post it to Facebook I get engagement. I say I know.

How are we both going to get what we want? We've been waiting for an answer to this while the problem keeps getting worse and the open web keeps losing, slipping away from us.

In a month or two we'll be able to give him a writing tool that gives us both what we want, because of the changes Facebook is about to make. 

I want him to get exposure so his ideas can grow. But I also want people who read my blog to see it. Right now they don't want to click on FB links. And I don't want to send them to FB, though I do it when I have to.