CLN -- The Cable Liars Network
Thursday, February 25, 2016 by Dave Winer

I have an idea. A cable network where they report on the lies the candidates told today. Nothing more or less. The candidates can come on to be interviewed, or not. When they start lying, the screen turns red and big bold text scrolls across the screen explaining the lie they're telling. In very simple judgemental terms. Nothing above 9th grade level.

And it must be equal opportunity and ruthless. I don't want to see them letting Donald Trump off the hook as they always do and hold Hillary Clinton accountable to the most minute detail.

And maybe it should only work with recorded stuff. If the candidates appear in person people may think we went easy on them to get them on. A lot of the networks are that way with Trump, obviously, because he's a ratings machine.

Teach people how to talk about politicians as liars. The more adorable the candidate the more ruthless the exposure. Because adorable candidates are the worst liars, I've found.