You say you want a revolution
Thursday, February 25, 2016 by Dave Winer

We'd all love to hear the plan!

But the plan doesn't start by electing a President. It starts by building a movement of committed revolutionaries who are willing to give up something substantial, over a long period of time, for the revolution.

Showing up to vote is not much of a commitment. Marching on Washington with a few hundred thousand others, now that's a beginning. And even then you probably don't get the revolution. You have to convince not just people like me who passionately believe in open health care and education, investing in our young people, creating opportunity for everyone, really dealing with climate change, you also have to convince a fair number of people who are voting for Trump. And that means doing a lot of talking and listening, and that's going to take years. We as a country are very far away from the place we need to be to get the kind of change we want to see.

And btw, they'd like to have a talk with you, about things they care about.  

So maybe before you just leave the room you might want to have a discussion about what it will take to convince your fellow citizens that you have what it take to create a revolution. 

Adding #feeltheburn to your tweets is not enough.  

PS: Thanks to the Beatles for the title of this post and the first line.