The shame of Republican voters
Friday, February 26, 2016 by Dave Winer

Watching last night's debate I felt shame on behalf of the Republican Party. Not just for the Republicans in government, or who would be in government, but for the people who vote Republican in 2016. 

If your children behaved like that with their friends how would you feel? And Trump is a grown man. Presenting himself as a potential leader of our country? What kind of people could support that? You say you're angry. That's crap. You're crazy, is what you are. Out of your minds. 

Kasich, openly threatening to kill the leader of another country. Do you have any idea how paranoid the leadership of North Korea is? Kasich has already reached a level of great responsibility by being on that stage. What he says matters! And he presents himself as the most ready to govern of all the Republicans. That kind of talk could easily get a lot of people killed.

And name-calling? In a presidential debate. Really? Trump says he's so good at working with people. You think so? I wouldn't work with someone who used name-calling as a negotiating tactic. I'd show him the door. No we don't want any thank  you.

The only two who carried themselves with any measure of self-respect, Rubio and Cruz, aren't much better. The policies they support are inhumane and un-American. Cruz likes to point out how unelectable Trump is. Well I wouldn't live in a country that could elect Cruz as its leader.

We've had some awful Presidents in the US, in my lifetime. One of them, Nixon, was so scary that I considered leaving the country to avoid being drafted to fight in a nonsensical war. I would leave a United States that elected any of these people for reasons of honor and integrity. 

We are so much better than this. Snap out of it Republicans!