Preparing for the worst
Wednesday, March 2, 2016 by Dave Winer

It's time to think the worst of Donald Trump.

He did refuse to disavow the support of the KKK. And I heard him refuse to do it again last night. He says there was a Facebook post and a tweet where he did. I haven't seen either of them. If you have seen one please send me a tweet with the link. Thanks.

The Occam's Razor conclusion is not that it's a gaffe, instead that it's real. Trump is himself a white supremacist. He sure talks and acts like one. 

Then there's a video of some white men at a Trump rally, one dressed as a veteran, physically abusing a young black woman. It's shocking. 

Someone said the Republican response to the Obama presidency has been a slow-motion lynching. I had the same thought but didn't dare say it. Now it's time to say it. Past time. Trump is what the Repubs, some of whom are decent people, were flirting with, as a way to win elections. 

Do we have any recourse against a candidate running this kind of campaign? No one has gotten killed yet, let's start thinking about that before it happens. Watching the Secret Service act at his command seems very wrong. They work for us, not him. They work for the protestors too. 

BTW, the discourse on the Democratic side hasn't caught up with reality yet. Even Marco Rubio, who has been fairly brave at stating what's obvious, still hasn't had the nerve to say what it is we're actually seeing. 

They were laughing a lot last night on MSNBC. I watched Fox for a while, they were trying to carry on as if this would settle down to something acceptable. But our understanding of these disgraceful and un-American acts, crimes actually, hasn't yet caught up to reality. We need to get ahead of it. We might want to pass some laws about what we're seeing. This might be something both Repubs and Dems agree to.

If you think Trump is inevitably going to be President, remember that he isn't yet President and won't be for a while. We still have some time to prevent the worst of what may be about to happen.

PS: Here's a link to Trump's supposed disavowal. It isn't of course that. I think he's a white supremacist. Racist, neo-Nazi. That's the presumptive Republican nominee for President.