Podcast: My reply to Mitt Romney
Saturday, March 5, 2016 by Dave Winer

A 10-minute podcast reply to Mitt Romney.

In a nutshell, instead of coming up with things that the voters can do to stop Donald Trump, how about turning the jets on the current elected Republican leaders, and get them to stop acting so Trumpian. 

The idea is to start governing like thoughtful adults, and take the shortcuts out of your process. If you guys were serious about backing away from Trump, you all would admit you made a (serious) mistake in all the many ways you all try to invalidate the President that the people of the United States elected. Don't you see this is the problem! We elect someone, twice, and you all pretend he didn't get elected? Well who the fuck are you? As Trump says, you're the guy who lost. And your party acts like you won. 

So let's get going with the Scalia court replacement. Until you all are ready to play the proper role as established by the Constitution, then you aren't serious. 

Stop coming up with things for other people to do, and start doing what you yourselves can do.

Another -- have the Republican Party go on record saying that climate change is real, and we are going to stop obstructing efforts to change the American economy to take that into account. 

And another thing -- the NRA. They clearly aren't going to get you elected this year. Sure the 2nd Amendment is deeply etched in the brains of the voters. So we aren't going to change anything there. But the NRA isn't bounded by the 2nd Amendment. They make you guys do a lot of other nasty things. Send them packing. Let them scream. Just say loud and clear you're kicking out one of the biggest sources of obstruction. 

Let's start getting rid of the maggots and parasites.

One more thing -- call off all your voter suppression. It's another of the many awful and amazing things you guys do out in the open for all to see. You've tried to make some people's votes count and others not. That's not your place. That's like stealing. Something you should go to jail for. 

Romney was a perfect choice. A VC money-mover. Doesn't create anything, doesn't even do anything other than say shit to get people riled up. The problem is Mitt, it isn't working anymore. Now what are you going to do? 

PS: Here's a video of Romney's snotty RNC 2012 bit about climate change.