Duct tape for IFTTT and Medium
Sunday, March 6, 2016 by Dave Winer

Continuing the thread on the IA-feed-in-the-wild.

Adding the IA features made the Medium rendering of my posts unreadable, because parts of the <content:encoded> for the item are being displayed in the body of the message. Example. This is because IFTTT, acting as the bridge between my RSS feed and Medium, prefers <content:encoded> over <description>. 

My conclusion is that it would be best if Medium read the RSS directly, but they don't so I worked around the problem by creating a special feed without the Facebook features just for the IFTTT recipe. I chose that over turning off the connection with Medium. 

This is life in the content world of 2016. 

BTW, I'm not publishing the URL of that feed because I'd rather not have to support it long-term, instead viewing it as a bit of duct tape for an issue that I hope will eventually go away. 

The fix worked. When this post appeared on Medium it was rendered without the ugly bits.