A tale of two Bernies
Monday, March 7, 2016 by Dave Winer

A funny thing happened when Bernie took the stage with his wife in Burlington, on the night of Super Tuesday. He was at home, in his element, his support network all around him. And guess what Bernie is a mensch! I thought maybe I had unfairly judged him. He seems like a nice guy.

Until then my main exposure to Sanders was on the debate stage with his adversary standing next to him. And last night, I was reminded why I think Bernie is such a bad choice to lead anything. He may have been a good mayor of Burlington, you can see that, given how the people there envelope him in love. But when challenged, as a President surely is, Bernie becomes a defensive raging jerk. It makes me so uncomfortable, I want to do something. 

If I were sitting in the audience at a conference with two people on stage and Bernie lecturing everyone, including his adversary, I would hopefully get up and walk out. In my weaker moments, in the past, with Larry Ellison or Jason Calacanis for example, I made the mistake of standing up and explaining how they were losing the audience. I'd say the same to Bernie, but I would expect he would paint me as inadequate, a member of The Establishment, who had done business with big banks (I have, as has almost everyone, including Bernie probably, if he ever got a mortgage). 

Bernie gets antagonistic when challenged. In my experience this quality makes someone an awful leader. I would never follow a Sanders type person. Which is kind of ridiculous because I basically agree with him on almost everything. And I'm not running against him. I even surprised myself that I was open to thinking of him as a sweet person. But the Bernie I see on stage in a debate is a person I don't want anything to do with.