If not the horse race, what?
Thursday, March 10, 2016 by Dave Winer

Way back on Feb 9, I asked a question: Is the horse race inevitable? 

And I asked Jay Rosen, in that same piece, if not the horse race, what?

In other words, in a right world, what would the journalists cover in an election?

Today Jay answered.


Last night after the Democratic debate, something amazing happened on CNN. An interesting discussion between analysts and surrogates about what had just happened betw Sanders and Clinton. It was substantial, because new territory had been covered in the debate, including a 1985 video of Sanders praising Castro's Cuba and the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. For me this raised the question of exactly what kind of revolution does Sanders envision for the US?

Anderson Cooper, a CNN guy, interrupted with a process question. Do you think Sanders' surprising win in Michigan last night helped in this debate and what does his performance foretell for the upcoming primaries next Tuesday. 

Filler questions for when there's nothing else to talk about. But this time there was other stuff to talk about. You have to wonder how that happened? Did a director say in his earpiece, oh no you can't go there, quick cut to a process question! Or..?