Obama's legacy might yet be defined
Saturday, March 12, 2016 by Dave Winer

We assume President Obama's legacy is going to be ObamaCare, but it might be bigger. He might, in his last year in office, be able to deliver on the promise of his 2008 campaign, to be a transformative President. 

Think about it this way... If you were a Republican Senator or House member you'd have to be scared out of your mind right about now. I'm about to become part of a fascist government. Or worse! Be purged by one.

I saw a clip of Lindsey Graham at a recent Judiciary Committee meeting, warning his fellow Republicans that it could be a Democrat in the White House next year, and if so, he's going to vote to ratify his or her nominee, because that's the way it works. There was an incredible quality in his voice, as if things had gotten very real, and he wanted to say the words out loud to be sure he wasn't dreaming. But the substance of his speech gave me encouragement, that it's not all as black and white as it seems on the talk shows. Maybe there's an ability for these people to actually work together. Imho that would be vastly perferrable to having a takeover of the government by Trump. (Graham's speech is at 1:06 in this CSPAN video.)

You have to figure the President is somewhat scared too. Usually when guys like Trump take office they don't like having former leaders around where they can cause trouble. Maybe the Obama Library should be at Gitmo? Maybe that's where we're all headed, in one way or another. 

Anyway, in the last days of the Republic, I imagine that Obama and McConnell will have a lot to talk about. The only question for both of them is this -- when exactly do the last days start? Seems we're getting pretty close to the edge. 

This feels like a scifi plot about the last days of Earth civilization. A Philip K Dick novel perhaps. And I get a chilling feeling when I see a tweet from Trump saying if he loses Florida he's going to blame "Little Marco" for rigging the election. I wonder what Trump would do if he loses. Think he'll just walk away? I kind of doubt it.