politics.newsriver.org is up
Sunday, March 13, 2016 by Dave Winer

A couple of weeks ago I asked for links to your favorite political news sites in a thread on Facebook, much as I did with podcatch.com and podcasting. This time, I wanted to create a river of political news as we entered the heart of the political year in the US. 

I got lots of great feeds, and now the river, politics.newsriver.org,  is up and running for us all to use. 

If you have suggestions of news feeds (RSS or Atom) that might fit into this flow, please post a comment on Facebook, or send me a link on Twitter. I'm pretty open-minded about sources to include, I already include a few extreme conservative and liberal sites. But I'm most interested in thoughtful observers, people who offer real insight into the politics of 2016, regardless of their political point of view.

It's already a very useful river, it can only get better. 

So thanks for all the great feeds!

PS: Of course the software generating the river is my own River5 .