Why I vote Democrat, day 2
Thursday, March 17, 2016 by Dave Winer

It's good that I wrote the piece yesterday about how I came to be a Democratic voter. A few follow-on notes.

I have also become a Democratic contributor. I have not only given to Presidential campaigns, but also to local campaigns for candidates that I thought were either inspiring, or in seats that were currently occupied by people I find intolerable. And not just in the areas I live. I've given to candidates all over the US as well as in California and New York where I've lived since switching parties.

There was another even more important reason I switched. We didn't feel the wars in the US. Our soldiers were dying. We were destroying Iraq, killing many hundreds of thousands of people, turning many more into refugees, but everything went on normally in the US. 

You couldn't tell we were at war! Travel all over the world, you'd never know the US was at war. Now that's not sound. When we're fighting a war, esp one that we started (Iraq) we should feel it at home. Our family members should be fighting and dying. Rationing. A lot of us would be involved in the war effort. Taxes would be much higher to pay for the war. Instead, the Repubs just put the wars on the credit card, and controlled what Americans saw on TV. Tax cuts!  All our bubbles continued to inflate, the economy over-extended in a very crazy way and it finally crashed in 2008. 

People in the US still don't feel responsible, we're so selfish all we think about are what little most of us had to pay. But it was all done in our name, by people we elected. I felt it was paramount in 2004 that we switch from Repubs. Didn't happen until 2008.