Is Bernie in bed with the NRA?
Saturday, March 19, 2016 by Dave Winer

Political discourse on the net is just a minor league version of what you get on cable news. I think that's why it's so exhausting. It's so utterly impersonal. You get cut-and-paste comments from people you've never met, who didn't read what you said, who just gave you a splattering of talking points, presumably to start an argument of some kind, where you recite the talking points of some other guy. We could all just wear badges saying who we're emulating, and click a button to play an MP3 of their talking points. Life on the net could consist of clicking buttons and listening to clips of MP3s. Like Disco the parakeet. When that's fully implemented the robots can take over. Sooner than you might think.

Now I flatter myself to think that I am actually ahead of the talking heads, although these days that can be hard to do because some of the coverage, esp that from Rachel Maddow, is actually pretty first-rate. But I don't see anyone wanting to talk about that stuff on Facebook or elsewhere, people mostly still quote soundbites and talk over each others' heads as if there were massive numbers of people listening. (There aren't.)

A question for Sanders

If you're a Sanders supporter, I imagine you are one of those people who, like me, is frustrated when we can't get the politicians to budge an inch because they're so totally controlled by the NRA. 

Now since you're a Sanders supporter, and if you're similarly frustrated, can you get a clear statement from your candidate that he agrees or disagrees that when an assault rifle is used to kill people, as it was in the Newtown massacre, that the manufacturer, distributor and retailer that sold the gun should be liable for damages. They don't go to jail, they just compensate the victims. 

The rationale for this is simple. These guns have no practical use for hunting. Their only purpose is killing large numbers of humans. They have use in wars, but no real use for civilians, unless they want to kill lots of other humans. 

Here's an op-ed written by parents who lost their 7-year-old son in Newtown, explaining why Sanders' dismissal of their lawsuit was wrong. You really have to read this to understand the issue and why Sanders is so wrong about it.

So here's the question for Sanders.

Senator Sanders, please explain why you are opposed to manufacturer, distributor and retailer liability for sale of assault rifles used in mass killings? Would you consider changing your position? If not, understanding that the NRA has given you a D-minus rating (something you brag about, we heard you), even so, are you in bed with the NRA in some way? Is this evidence of your corruption? 

One for the Repubs

The professional operators are moving in on the Republican side, now that the race has been reduced to three, and some real slick fucks are showing up. 

One of them yesterday referred to Hillary Clinton, repeatedly as "Mrs Clinton."

That's not cool. Her correct title is Secretary Clinton.

When you change her title to something so old-timey, that's an obvious dog-whistle for "Women's place is in the home baking cookies."

Stop doing that.