We need truly public hosting
Thursday, March 24, 2016 by Dave Winer

We need help from educational institutions in starting a tradition of public hosting without attaching venture capital business models.

Recently the Node community had a fairly big outage that can be traced to the fact that NPM, the code distribution system, has been taken over by VCs. When NPM became VC-backed, it was obvious that at some point this would cause problems. And it certainly doesn't stop there. I worry about GitHub. It plays such a central role. But eventually the VCs are going to want an exit. Then what happens?

There are examples everywhere.

Sure there are some cases where we benefit from having the tech industry host our stuff, YouTube is a good example, because videos are so large, but in other cases it gets ridiculous.

We need a framework, legal and social, for projects that are not "owned" but are just there.

This is a project that "Old Berkman" could have tackled. Right now I don't know where to bring these questions.

We could use some help.