Thank you Hillary
Friday, April 1, 2016 by Dave Winer

I had a strong feeling. It must be tough being Hillary Clinton, And no one ever gives her a word of encouragement. Yet she sticks with it. She has a clarity of vision that's really remarkable. Watching her interview the other night with Rachel Maddow was an inspiration.

Hillary Clinton as an image is difficult for America. She's symbolic of our strong intelligent feminine core that we have so much trouble accepting. She's us. We're her. Considering all the posers running for President, we are incredibly lucky that she's is in the mix. We have one person who is ready to do the job, and we get as a bonus, to break through another barrier. 

Like it or not, America, our generation is the one of breaking through barriers to self-acceptance. We're America learning to accept its real self. Our parents' generation got us to the moon. We're going beyond that. Our America as not the old Great White Republican Father. The new vision of America includes African-Americans as full participants in our government. And women. Competent. All hands on deck. Not just white men. This time it is really our way or the highway. Going all Nazi on us won't work Not in the US of A. Uncle Sam says fuck you, seriously, get out of my face you fascist. 

Change never comes easy. We're going through huge growing pains. We deal in symbols and forget there are real people behind the symbols. She must get tired of having to fight with both hands tied behind her back. To smile as her Teflon covered opponent accuses her in a most personal, cowardly and weasley  way. If he did that to a man he'd get his skinny ass kicked, so he wouldn't do it. HRC, a woman, our vision of a woman, has to grin and bear it. 

So thanks. It's gotta be a bitch. But you're doing something great. Please stay with it.