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From: chrisp@karlsruhe.netsurf.de (Christoph Pingel);
Sent at 3/3/97; 10:24:27 AM;
More web content tools

Graphics: DeBabelizer

HTML: PageSpinner

Content: Filemaker

From: matthew@libcong.com (Matthew Bardram);
Sent at 3/3/97; 12:45:16 AM;


I also use:

GifBuilder for gif89 animation--Graphics

World Wide Web Weaver--Page Design Tool



From: pmth02jc@umassd.edu (Jim Correia);
Sent at 3/3/97; 1:25:47 AM;
web tools

i am a geek and don't do flashy graphics - but when i do create graphics for the web i inevitably end up using clip2gif - its free, its scriptable, its cool

another tool that you didn't mention but is also invaluable is stuffit


From: daniel@circumtech.com (Daniel Berlinger);
Sent at 3/2/97; 10:28:33 PM;
The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with "Hail Satan".


It's been a long weekend. Lots of good software shipped, completed site conversion to Frontier, getting used to the news page flow...

Things were tensing up. It's getting late, lots to do, Monday is right around the corner.

Laughing out loud. Thanks for bringing this to me.


From: pan@clark.net (Paul Neureiter);
Sent at 3/2/97; 6:10:17 PM;
Critical Web Apps: suggestion


DeBabelizer 1.6.5 is a critical tool for me and, from what I hear, for many other webmasters. It's ability to manipulate palettes, formats, and many other elements of graphics is unsurpassed, even by PhotoShop.

Thanks for your time,



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From: thecow@interport.net (keith);
Sent at 3/2/97; 7:06:41 PM;
Re:"Mac Web Content Tools"

I believe you should add DeBabelizer for Graphics. IMHO this is the best program for reducing color palettes and hence file sizes. In fact, I feel that this is just as important as PhotoShop for me.

- Keith

BTW - My friend and I run our high-school webserver off a Mac, and we are currently rewriting the CGIs in Frontier. You can check it out if you want at http://webserver.rcds.rye.ny.us

From: jrconner@digisys.net (James R. Conner);
Sent at 3/2/97; 1:23:41 AM;
Palatino, NT, etc

Regarding fonts for onscreen display, I use 14-point Georgia TT (free from Microsoft)for the proportional font for Netscape for both machines. For monospaced text, I use Monaco on the Mac and Courier on the PC (I may convert Monaco to PC TT). Georgia is optimized for the screen, and it looks better than any other typeface I've tried (Stone Serifs and Lucida also work well). The numerals are especially pleasing.

From: dhughes@net.microserve.com (Dan Hughes);
Sent at 3/2/97; 2:41:14 AM;
Palatino for Windows


I was just scanning through some Windows95 sites, and someone has a Macintosh Desktop Theme. Lo and behold, he also has the palatino font for Windows. That rang a bell since I saw you looking for it... Here's the link for it.

Hope it works! Have fun...

From: peter@GameWorks.com (Duke, Peter);
Sent at 3/1/97; 10:57:19 PM;
Palatino on Windows?

Hi Dave,

I have also been switching my conciousness to the NT/95 environs. The bar on the top works for a few minutes, but you'll hit an app that messes up menuing and it will find its way back to the bottom. It's OK actually. "My Computer" is on the right, along with the "Recycling Bin".

There is a lot of room for improvement. Maybe some Frontier scripts will help.

Here is what I miss the most on NT95...

1. BBEdit w/ ProFont

2. I love to hold down the option button when I open windows on my Mac closing one as I open the other... and using command and clicking on the Title of the window to navigate back.

3. Apps don't remember where they were. I go to open a file on my network with InterNet Explorer and the the next time I go to look for something it starts me out in the root directory for the app. My favorite extention on the Mac is "Click there it is". I would do anything for it on NT or 95.

Keep digging!

Peter Duke

From: otani@primenet.com (Robert Otani);
Sent at 3/1/97; 6:27:51 PM;

Hi Dave,

After 13 years of Macintosh, I too have bought Wintel and am adapting myself to use both machines. Microsoft has a nice font (sans serif ) called "Verdana." It's a font designed for easy reading on a screen. You can get it at:


Hope this is what you're looking for!


From: jnh@epsno.com (Jedd Haas);
Sent at 3/1/97; 5:59:32 PM;
palatino on NT

Why don't you just take Palatino and Monaco and run them through Fontographer to generate a Windows True Type font? Works great.

From: mwilson@teleport.com (Matthew R. Wilson);
Sent at 3/1/97; 12:18:34 PM;
Re:Palatino on Windows?

Use a program that can convert Mac TrueType fonts into Windows TrueType fonts. I recommend Font Clerk by Robert Chancellor, which is not only a nice tool to keep you sane when you have waaaaaay to many fonts, but also serves the purpose of converting fonts between Mac and Windows. It is a really nifty shareware program available in the Info-Mac font utilities section. Just convert and install Palatino and Monaco in Windows and poof!, all of your font problems are solved!

From: gbateman@tenet.edu (Giles Bateman);
Sent at 3/1/97; 1:35:24 PM;
Palatino to Redmond

Hello Dave!

There is a shareware utility I downloaded years ago called TTConverter that will convert TrueType fonts back and forth between Mac and Windows formats. I went looking for it again (to see if it still existed) and found information about it on the following page:


TTConverter can be downloaded from:


Hope this helps. Frontier is the coolest! =)

Adios Giles

From: gorskic@concentric.net;
Sent at 3/1/97; 12:16:16 PM;

There is a Palatino-like font in the standard set of MS fonts. It's called "Book Antiqua". It's a rather pathetic imitation but it works. I also found that the Lucida fonts work as a substitute for Monaco. It's the best I could do over the summer.

From: ja@sbp.com (Jim Sims);
Sent at 3/1/97; 8:39:58 AM;
Re:Palatino on Windows?

Couldn't you/friend convert the fonts from Mac to Windows with Fontographer?

Also...did you know of this replacement for Monaco?



From: mcduffim@ix.netcom.com (Mike McDuffie);
Sent at 3/1/97; 10:25:04 AM;
Re:What's Going On?


Marvin Gay did "What's going on?". It was cowritten with A. Cleveland and R. Benson. It was the lead song on his break-thru album where he shed his Motown handlers, and showed his own style and social conscious.

A&E had a great biography on Marvin (the source of my cloudy recollection of the significance of "What's going on?"). His death was a tragedy but his music lives on. Hopefully the Mac (with or without Apple) will too.

Mike McDuffie
Goosey Software

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