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cactus Mail Starting 11/14/97

From: cskerr@geocities.com (Charles Kerr);
Sent at Fri, 14 Nov 1997 23:33:28 -0600;
Favorite Text Editor

Since you're plugging people's favorite editors I'll tell you about my favorite, "Yeah Write". It's available in a couple of flavors, including free, at http://www.wordplace.com/. When I need to do heavy 300 page documents or write code.... I use something else. BUT! All the rest of the time I use Yeah Write. It's simple, easy to use, and pretty. It gives me warm fuzzies. It's the exact opposite of emacs and Word.

BTW, the Sun page built with Frontier _is_ great. Groovy.

From: luke@tymowski.org (Luke Tymowski);
Sent at Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:28:01 -0500;
nifty Windows software

Thanks for the run down on Matt.

Some other things to add: DreamWeaver Beta 2 is out. It's getting much better. A GUI tool you can use for debugging really complex screens, if you don't want to do all your coding in it. I do the design in DreamWeaver, then switch to Super NoteTab for daily updates etc.

Xara Webster 2.0 is out. Very small, very fast, and it can do some nifty things. Costs very little.

Netscape 4.04 is out. Java initialisation is much faster. Though they've taken the Java icon out of the about form - guess they don't want to be sued by Sun because they still aren't 1.1 compliant. They talk about Java support not compliance in their about form.

Go have a look at the feature article on Smug. It's by a former Mac coder who has switched to Windows. http://www.smug.com/.

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