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X-Sender: caledon@pop.interport.net Mime-Version: 1.0 Date: Mon, 13 Jan 1997 17:43:44 -0500 To: dwiner@well.com From: Bruce Campbell <bcampbell@i-strategies.com> Subject: guidelines for logos

Guidelines for logo submissions:

Format: GIF or JPEG dimensions: maximum 200x200 pixels square, or 400x150 pixels horizontal Don't assume a background color or texture Take size and time of download into consideration

GIF files: 8 bit indexed color or less. other formats will be converted. preferably use colors from the Netscape palette

GIF animations: include a static version of the logo as well as the animated version

JPEG: 50% compression or lower



Dave: Maybe we should show two versions of the logos on the web page, one at 50% and one at full size to show how they will stand up in various situations. For purposes of the competition, maybe the logos should be shown on a white background.

Any suggestions? additions? Bruce

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