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Scriptable Database Proposal

We need a faster lower-tech connection to FileMaker.

The Apple Event interface to FM is very complex, overly so, in my opinion. And it's slow.

I'm thinking about deploying a database application thru the web. It's potentially a very high flow site (I hope so!) but I don't believe that FileMaker is up to it. This is a shame because the database part of FM is totally adequate and competitive with other platforms. It's the connection to FM that's not OK.

In uBASE we did a system-level low-tech interface.

Too bad uBASE doesn't have the querying capabilities of FileMaker.


Does anyone on this list know the developers at Claris working on FileMaker? They should be part of this process, IMHO.

Alternative: a replacement for uBASE that's got a minimal AE interface (or other protocol?) and can handle search-engine (think Altavista) type queries.

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