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1.  Steve_Katz 5:39:03PM    molokai...
2.  Steve_Katz 5:38:14PM    up the hudson river to Montreal...
3.  iCubby 5:35:09PM    When I time travel, I take only 3 seconds or so. Wouldn't want to miss anything here.
4.  mergryphon 5:34:14PM    3 days during Eleanor of Aquitaine's stop in Constantinople during the second crusade; 1147-1149.
5.  rekouche 5:34:13PM    re: escape to anywhere - Tizi Ouzou - Atlas Mountains of Algeria.
6.  vicki_whicker 5:30:38PM    travel through time 3 days garden of eden circa apple, manger circa 3 kings, backstage led zeppelin concert circa snakeskin pants
7.  maceo87 5:26:01PM    I'd go back and try to make sure Nikolai Tesla got his credit and money from Edison; then I'd eat some Menlo Park cafe food :)
8.  JpMaxMan 5:18:46PM    1950s Italy.
9.  rekouche 5:17:26PM    Julius Caesar's Rome.
10.  khabaluc 5:14:07PM    banff
11.  moldor 5:11:02PM    1938 Berlin, Germany. At least I'd get it RIGHT !!!
12.  khabaluc 5:07:34PM    30,000 leagues under the sea.
13.  mdawson 5:07:05PM    great question. If you want to expand slightly, I'd suggest Copper Canyon in Mexico.
14.  Croisan 5:04:36PM    June 27-29 2086
15.  JTNaylor 5:02:29PM    Day 1, NY in the roaring 20s; Day 2, Constantinople, 850 AD; Day 3, Rome under Claudius, around 30 AD. What am I gonna wear?
16.  SourNote 5:00:58PM    The end of the world. And then I'd come back to those crazy folks cheering for Armageddon and tell them how off they are.
17.  medecau 4:52:01PM    i dont know, but if you have the time machine you should put it on ebay, and stop worrying about it.
18.  jimforbes 4:51:18PM    Emeryville to Sacto or Auburn. facing the engine from your car, sit on the left side outbound. great scenery. fun trip. $23.
19.  wallacewilson 4:41:25PM    Can I alter history - or just view it? JFK assassination. What really happened? What happens if it did not happen?
20.  notafish 4:41:17PM    @dave I'd go knock the apple right out of Eve's hand, before she takes the bite. We'd be a happy naked bunch :)
21.  georgiagreek 4:40:01PM    I'm thinking Eden. 3 days would give me time to kick some snake ass!
22.  sswayze 4:39:55PM    the crucifixion of christ at calvary... 3 days should be just enough to get the whole picture of that story
23.  thecleversheep 4:39:13PM    I'd love to see the first Easter, first hand. Three days should do it! ; )
24.  mokeyZ 4:38:49PM    I would spend 3 days at the library in Alexandria and try to absorb all of that lost knowledge.
25.  robinanderson 4:38:10PM    Traveling through time means I could go anywhere & be back in three days but stay as long as I'd like! Ocean, sun, warmth for me!
26.  PhilippeMartin 4:37:44PM    8 may 1945
27.  figmental 4:37:04PM    I would attend Woodstock.
28.  alphaxion 4:36:57PM    or even just before the big bang to see what the previous universe was like.
29.  migrantedigital 4:36:35PM    french revolution
30.  alphaxion 4:36:17PM    have a host of different places I'd love to go. the moment sea scorpions became the first life on land. Big bang moment too!
31.  hkearns 4:35:42PM    Garden of Eden before the apple event. : )
32.  julian_jj 4:33:51PM    i would go back two days and live forever!!!
33.  bblohowiak 4:33:47PM    London late 1800's
34.  Smartalyx 4:33:37PM    Debates on the Constitution and Amendments.
35.  skuntze 4:33:06PM    Germany to live with my family before they came over here.
36.  iphigenie 4:32:52PM    some random amount of time in the future, to peek around the corner, and the next corner etc.
37.  alstevens 4:32:50PM    Revolutionary War.
38.  Dovinator 4:32:38PM    Your question has a false premise. Time travel would take you to a when, not a where.
39.  jonathanglick 4:30:40PM    the declaration of independence of Israel
40.  JenniferJohnstn 4:24:27PM    If travel time didn't matter I'd go to Antigua and hang out on a sailboat. Heaven!
41.  jigarchamp 4:23:12PM    @twickie seems to do the same thing? Archive responses to a specific Tweet. http://twickie.pirillo.com
42.  booboojeebies 4:21:48PM    Either Coki Beach or Magen's Bay USVI
43.  hbryant 4:17:02PM    ICWSM 2009 Spinn3r.com Blog Dataset is 44 million blog posts made between Aug1&Oct.1 2008 (27 GB compressed) http://is.gd/hxag
44.  marvenkrug 4:13:09PM    Maui
45.  erinmcconnell 4:10:51PM    Either Las Vegas or Tofino, depending on what I need a break from.
46.  girlinblack 4:06:43PM    I just rode the Capitol Limited (DC -> Chicago). Indiana/Ohio = flatlands, but the Allegheny Mountains rule. And, of course, DC.
47.  derricks 3:58:27PM    Your query came with a tweet from someone about standing in line at Bouchon bakery. I thought "That's actually a good answer."
48.  mfraase 3:56:19PM    That one's easy: Best train trip in the US is Empire Builder from Chicago to Seattle.
49.  RobTyrie 3:50:11PM    interesting train trip in North America - Calgary to Vancouver over the Rockies - best in the world.
50.  gumby007 3:47:24PM    I would like to go anywhere that dirty diapers cant follow me!
51.  r5dude 3:41:31PM    costa rica
52.  hbryant 3:36:18PM    ICWSM 2009 - International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media. San Jose, CA May17-20,2009 http://is.gd/a8JZ
53.  billrobertson 3:34:06PM    cayman islands for scuba diving, snorkeling, waverunning, surfing
54.  hbryant 3:32:25PM    Twelfth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics Apr 16-18,2009 Clearwater, FL http://is.gd/kal6
55.  jseadub 3:27:27PM    Ooo, Amtrak's Coast Starlight Oakland to Seattle, ~24 hours. Sleeper car, wake & hit the view-car, watch terrain, a book on lap.
56.  threetwo 3:27:20PM    I would go to Moab Utah. Do some photography and hiking. Highly recommended
57.  threetwo 3:25:08PM    How about the train trip to the Grand Canyon
58.  DeirdreS 3:23:12PM    the line that runs from LA to Colorado I'm told is spectacular
59.  J1 3:22:24PM    East across the Canadian Rockies from Vancouver
60.  djgallardo 3:16:00PM    on the other hand, a train robbery would certainly make a train trip interesting.
61.  djgallardo 3:14:03PM    Copper Canyon, MX, is awesome, but troubling that advice on what to do in case of train robbery apropos: http://tinyurl.com/5w27r
62.  hbryant 3:12:55PM    At an Airline counter now? Twittering on verge of decision? O the freedom of us retirees! I'd pick S. Miami Beach, FL.
63.  kandieman 3:12:10PM    beach, sun, and Dawkins Sounds good to me.
64.  dpj222 3:07:20PM    I would go to Phoenix and hit up the links...or maybe Bandon, Oregon..both would be fantastic!
65.  saragoldstein 3:07:04PM    We spent 3 days in Dublin recently & it was brilliant - plus short flight from NYC. Could also use some sunshine right now tho!
66.  peterfletcher 3:06:48PM    The Cinque Terre or Lago di Garda in Italy. Both stunning, stunning places.
67.  bhaven 3:05:26PM    Consider ComPostModern Design Conf. in SF Saturday http://compostmodern.org/ w/ a Spa Day before & after.
68.  aliyah613 3:03:37PM    Venice, Bali or NYC
69.  Triona 3:03:22PM    for your 3 day intellectual escape - check out the arvon foundation writer retreats
70.  patrickodowd 3:02:38PM    I would go to Warsaw, Poland where my girlfriend lives. I love 5700 miles away in kentucky.... :(
71.  jepaco 3:01:21PM    Last month my 3-day escape was London. A perfect 3 days.
72.  parallelp 3:00:56PM    Forget the plane and go to Esalen http://www.esalen.org/ - 3+ hours from Berzerkely - intellectually and spiritually fulfilling
73.  NeilRaden 3:00:45PM    Trieste
74.  MTRainey 2:59:53PM    north west scotland.The ardnamurchan peninsula. With a soft view of Rhum and Eigg and others scattered and glittering beyond.
75.  saieva 2:59:47PM    Florence, Italy.
76.  medecau 2:59:18PM    you'll need to code during this time right? i mean it couldn't be a 3 day car trip?
77.  kmcguirk 2:58:10PM    taking "anywhere" literally: 3 days at the island from Lost would be my choice... as long as it was guaranteed to be only 3 days
78.  expertmac 2:57:42PM    depends on where you live & warm vs scenic?-Belize; Merida, Mexico; Costa Rica (Pacific coast); New Orleans (yes!)
79.  CrowdRent 2:57:39PM    A 3-day course on marketing/PR/accounting for startups
80.  susankitchens 2:57:07PM    I'd go to Montana, to Helena/Billings, to spend 3 days poring through historical archives.
81.  theolagendijk 2:55:34PM    With 3 days and a plane I would go to Iceland with my gf and baby, rent a 4-wheel-drive and drive route 1 around the island.
82.  gregfenton 2:55:20PM    @robtyrie 3 days only? VEGAS BABY!
83.  saieva 2:55:07PM    The Reefs, Bermuda (http://www.thereefs.com).
84.  jeffkirvin 2:55:01PM    Manhattan.
85.  kandieman 2:54:12PM    the Keys
86.  parallelp 2:53:43PM    San Diego. Stay neat the beach. Go eat tacos in the old town and listen to mariachi, wander round the gaslamp after dark
87.  susankitchens 2:53:41PM    does your Q include/exclude timezone readjustment? I think of faraway as requiring more time to reset bodyclock
88.  DaveTitle 2:53:31PM    these days not worth the time or effort to fly somewhere for just three days (for pleasure) unless via private plane.
89.  sarahebourne 2:52:00PM    Natural Bridges Nat'l Mon.j but would need car in addition to plane.
90.  medecau 2:51:26PM    Rome, Italy, Its about two hours flight from where i leave.
91.  julian_jj 2:50:34PM    arrecifes tayrona, Colombia http://bit.ly/zoY2b
92.  knurdle 2:50:16PM    El Murmullo at La Casa Que Canta in Zihuatanejo. Most relaxing vacation I've ever been on. http://bit.ly/YlRvy
93.  ChiefCatalyst 2:49:49PM    True. I actually enjoy the trip to read/catchup, lounge on the beach and return. Love traveling from 10PM - 8 AM. Works.
94.  CemeterySpot 2:48:39PM    Galapagos Islands. Wanna see the place that started Darwin thinking. And it's isolated and beautiful. Ride a tortoise anyone? LOL
95.  Fritinancy 2:48:28PM    Does it have to be a plane? Because that kills the whole mood.
96.  jetsnow 2:48:15PM    Hard question, but I'd consider Arches National Park (among others)
97.  kirkskodis 2:47:12PM    Easy. Kauai.
98.  CrowdRent 2:46:45PM    Puerto Vallarta Mexico, three hours from Denver, laid back, gorgeous, and Fajita Banana! http://bit.ly/GCQAi Best! Fajitas EVER!
99.  RobTyrie 2:46:41PM    3day Trip? NYC... Waldorf, same room as last time, vore of the GE Tower...was perfect!
100.  _arvind 2:46:19PM    why would you get on a *plane* to escape?