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A feed reader for pictures Permalink to this headline.

As of November 2009, the functionality of FlickrFan has been merged into the River2 realtime feed reader. If you're using FlickrFan, you can keep using it, of course, but it's not being maintained or improved.

The old home page for FlickrFan is archived here.

You can download a fresh copy of photoFan.root here.

Subscribing to picture feeds in River2 Permalink to this headline.

The AP and AFP photo feeds work perfectly in River2.

First, follow the installation instructions to get River2 running on your machine.

With the OPML Editor running, click the two links below to subscribe to the two feeds.

1. AP photo feed.

2. AFP photo feed.

If you want, you can point your screen saver at the Podcatcher folder on your desktop, and you'll get exactly what you had with FlickrFan.

Also, it's a podcatcher, so you can use the same app to download MP3s. And of course it's a news aggregator as well, and it's realtime, so you get updates from compatible sites as soon as they happen.

Why do this integration? Permalink to this headline.

We learned a lot from FlickrFan, and wanted to include the functionality in my newest project. I already maintain a lot of code, so maintaining two bases of code that don't generate any revenue that do the same thing wasn't very practical. The benefit for FlickrFan users is you get an improved app that is continuing to be worked on, so there will be fixes and new features.

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