give me some examples of technology codenames of the past. thanks.

Sure, here are some examples of technology codenames from the past:

  1. Windows Chicago - The codename for Windows 95, released in 1995.

  2. Project Blackcomb - The codename for Windows 7, released in 2009.

  3. Project Natal - The codename for the Xbox 360's motion-sensing peripheral, later released as the Kinect in 2010.

  4. Project Fiona - The codename for the Razer Edge, a Windows tablet designed for gaming, released in 2013.

  5. Project Morpheus - The codename for the PlayStation VR, a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 4, released in 2016.

  6. Project Scarlett - The codename for the Xbox Series X, Microsoft's latest gaming console, released in 2020.

  7. Project Titan - The codename for Apple's self-driving car project, which has yet to be released.

  8. Project Ara - The codename for Google's modular smartphone project, which was cancelled in 2016.

  9. Project Butter - The codename for a performance improvement project in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, released in 2012.

  10. Project Fi - The codename for Google's mobile network, which was later renamed to Google Fi in 2018.