Model: Default (GPT-3.5)
In order to be a podcast must it have an RSS 2.0 feed?

Yes, in order to be considered a podcast, it must have an RSS 2.0 feed. An RSS feed is a standardized format used for distributing content, and the RSS 2.0 specification includes specific elements that are used to syndicate audio content, making it suitable for podcast distribution.

Podcasts are audio or video recordings that are typically distributed through RSS feeds to platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts. The RSS feed is essentially a file that contains information about the podcast, including the title, description, and the location of the audio or video files.

While there are other ways to distribute audio or video content online, the use of an RSS feed is a key component of podcasting. Without an RSS feed, a series of audio or video recordings would simply be a collection of files hosted on a website, rather than a podcast that can be syndicated and subscribed to on various platforms.