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«From a request on the Mac Scripting list...
«I'm looking for something that would allow me rename files based on a pattern
«matching scheme. For example, I want to rename the files
«H001-001.tngif, H001-002.tngif, H001-003.tngif,...
«to H001001.gif, H001002.gif, H001003.gif,...
«Add a call to this script to the Finder's menu bar, at system.menubars.MACS.
«In the Finder, select the folder you want to operate on.
«And choose the command from the Finder's menu bar.
local (folder)
for folder in FinderMenu.getSelectionList ()
if not file.isFolder (folder)
local (f, fname, suffix)
fileloop (f in folder, infinity)
fname = file.fileFromPath (f)
suffix = string.nthField (fname, '.', 2)
if suffix == "tngif"
local (namepart = string.nthField (fname, '.', 1))
namepart = string.replaceAll (namepart, "-", "1")
file.rename (f, namepart + ".gif")

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