Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Adds an application to Frontier's Apps menu
«prompts the user for an application, adds it to Frontier's Custom/Apps submenu
«if the application has a verb table installed, the launch command is based on that table
«otherwise, the command uses the app's ID, so it will remain valid if the app is moved
local (appName, appID, appPath)
if not file.getFileDialog ("Select an application:", @appPath, 'APPL')
return (false)
appID = file.creator (appPath)
appName = file.fileFromPath (appPath)
local (itemString, itemCommand)
itemString = "Launch " + appName
itemCommand = "launch.usingID ('" + appID + "')"
menu.addMenuCommand (@system.misc.menubar, "Apps", itemString, itemCommand)

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