Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Adds a copyright notice at the top of each text file in a folder
«We needed this script for a folder full of C source code
«The script is smart -- it replaces a pre-existing copyright notice
local (folder, prefix, text, f, createddate, moddate, origcreator)
if not file.getFolderDialog ("Choose a folder of text files", @folder)
prefix = "\r/*© copyright 1993 Mancuso Investigations, Inc. All RIghts Reserved.*/\r\r\r"
on deletewhitespace (text)
local (ch)
if sizeOf (text) == 0
return ("")
ch = text [1]
if (ch [not equal] 'r') and (ch [not equal] ' ') and (ch [not equal] tab)
return (text)
text = string.delete (text, 1, 1)
fileloop (f in folder, infinity)
if file.type (f) == 'TEXT'
msg (file.fileFromPath (f))
createddate = file.created (f)
origcreator = file.creator (f)
moddate = file.modified (f) (f)
text = string ( (f, infinity))
file.close (f)
text = deletewhitespace (text)
if text beginsWith "/*©"
text = string.delete (text, 1, string.patternMatch ("\r", text))
text = deletewhitespace (text)
text = prefix + text (f)
file.setType (f, 'TEXT')
file.setCreator (f, origcreator) (f)
file.write (f, text)
file.close (f)
file.setCreated (f, createddate) «same creation date as original
file.setModified (f, moddate) «same modification date as original

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