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«Adds a file to the Apple menu
«prompt the user to select the file, by passing 0 as the file type, we get a list of all files
«the funny character in the prompt is option-shift-k, the Apple symbol in Chicago font
«For another example of an alias script, see p.146-148 Frontier User Guide.
local (f = "")
if file.getFileDialog ("Select an item to add to the [apple] menu.", @f, 0)
local (destfolder = file.getSpecialFolderPath ("", "Apple Menu Items", false))
local (destfile = destfolder + file.fileFromPath (f))
if file.exists (destfile) «must delete the file first, or file.newAlias will fail
if not dialog.confirm ("OK to delete existing file?")
file.delete (destfile)
file.newAlias (f, destfile)

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