Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Turn an outline into a website
«I started to do the docs for new 4.1 menubar in this format.
«But had a new idea mid-stream.
«But this script will be useful someday.
«Maybe it's useful to your right now?
«Sat, Sep 21, 1996 at 10:21:50 AM by DW
on buildOutlineSite (adroutline, adrsite)
target.set (adroutline)
op.firstsummit ()
op.fullexpand ()
on dolevel (adrtable)
local (linetext, name, adrsub)
if defined (adrtable^)
table.emptytable (adrtable)
new (tabletype, adrtable)
linetext = op.getlinetext ()
name = toys.innerCaseName (toys.dropNonAlphas (linetext))
adrsub = @adrtable^.[name]
if op.countSubs (1) == 0
if name != ""
new (wptexttype, adrsub)
op.go (right, 1)
dolevel (adrsub)
op.go (left, 1)
if not op.go (down, 1)
dolevel (adrsite)
target.clear ()
«bundle «test code
«buildOutlineSite (@system.misc.menubar,

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