Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Illustrates most of the built-in dialogs in Frontier
local (name =, age = 38)
msg (dialog.notify ("This script goes thru many of Frontier's built-in dialog verbs."))
msg (dialog.ask ("What is your name?", @name))
msg (dialog.confirm ("Is your name really " + name + "?"))
msg (dialog.alert ("After all that, I don't care what your name is!"))
msg (dialog.twoWay ("How are you feeling?", "Fine", "Terrible"))
msg (dialog.getInt ("Age?", @age))
msg (dialog.threeWay ("How do you like your eggs?", "Over", "Hard", "Raw"))
msg (dialog.fileInfo (file.getSystemFolderPath ()))

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