Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Creates a folder of aliases of apps that have an 'aete' resource
«contact the developers for a Frontier install file!
«or ask on one of UserLand's on-line services
local (folder = file.getSystemDisk () + "Scriptable Apps:")
file.sureFolder (folder) «make sure the folder exists
try «ignore errors in the loop
fileloop (f in "", infinity) «look at all files on all disks
if file.type (f) == 'APPL'
if rez.countResources (f, 'aete') > 0
local (alias = folder + file.fileFromPath (f))
if not file.exists (alias) «we'll take the 1st one we found
file.newAlias (f, alias)
Finder.reveal (folder) «show the folder in the Finder

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